Be Me Be Here Parent and child Program

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 Six-hour Workshop


yoga_kidsHere is a beginner daily practice to fortify the identity of your child (Who am I). This practice is for children from 5-10 years of age.

This course invites both parents and child(ren) to interact in a workshop to establish a daily balancing routine using yoga, breath and meditation. This 6-hour workshop is taught over six weeks. Parents are encouraged to do this practice with the child until child can do alone or until the practice has been done for 40 days.


Why have a daily practice for children?


touch-toes 019At all times we are in a process of being more present and authentic to our challenges, accomplishments and diverse experiences in our life. However, it is in childhood that we define the way we look at our reality and decide what skills we pull out to deal with the challenges of learning and to be here. The child’s tender nervous system is acquiring information in very powerful and subtle ways. The organization of this information is used by different parts of the brain.

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Ongoing Benefits of a Daily Practice


brar01_yogaFortifies the identity of the child

Connects parent and child in a mindful activity

Strengthens the child’s concentration, attention and self-commitment

Balances child’s moods, anxiety, depression and a scattered mind

Fortifies the child’s relationship with self

Teaches the child to relax and to trust his/her own world

Teaches the child the steps of his/her own process of being on Earth

Directs the child to understand basic Earth laws.


Also, special children with physical and mental misalignment benefit a great deal with this practice. We also suggest a nutritional plan for these special cases. Please contact us to design special yoga practices.

Each child is unique and may benefit from a personal daily practice, outside of the practice of “Be Me Be Here”. Please contact Berdhanya for a meeting.


How we can take this program?


5041We offer this program in a small group setting and it is also available as a private course for a family. Depending on you location we serve you in your own home or in our central Ottawa location.


$125.00 in a small group setting

$250.00  for a private family course

Book investment is $25

Qualified teachers will lead you through this empowering course that is based on the 53-page coloured book, “Be Me Be Here”with guidelines of the daily yoga and meditation practice. The story included in this book was written by Berdhanya as a tool for children to help them understand where they are coming from and the nature of their multidimensionality.

Dates in 2017

Mondays- November 13, 20, 27 & December 4, 11, 18

Choose a time:

For home schooling families: 10:00-11:00 am

After school: 6:00-7:00 pm

Location: Berdhanya Teaching Center, 36 Simcoe Street, Ottawa


Content of this program


down-dog-015Class 1: Orientation for parent(s) only. (Parents; 1-hour)

Class 2: Introduction to the story and the first part of everyday yoga practice (Child & Parent(s); 1-hour)

Class 3: Next part of story and yoga,meditation practice (Child & Parent(s) – 1 hour)

Class 4: Next part of story and daily practice (Child and Parent(s); 1-hour)

Class 5: Finish story and do full daily practice (Child and Parent(s); 1-hour)

Class 6:  Reinforcement of the daily practice/debriefing/evaluation (Child and Parent(s);1-hour



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What to Bring?

Bring your yoga mat and wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing.


Your teachers


Anamda Sly

As a life-long promoter and seeker of healthy living and wellness for individuals and families, Anamda has over 35 years of experience as a community health nurse (Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science from Queen’s University) and as a children’s yoga trainer and teacher. Since 2000, she has studied yoga and holistic health principles (including Ayurveda, natural healing, bioenergetics) with Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

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Satkiana Swan 1

Satkiana Swan has a long history of involvement with support to families and communities.  She is honoured to serve as the Director on the Council for the Child and Family.  Her personal life mission has and continues to be to know the truth of who she is.  This is the mission that brought her to the spiritual path and to the meeting with her Spiritual Master, Berdhanya Swami Tierra,15 years ago.  Satkiana’s love of people and passion for personal growth took her to Trent University where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and later a Diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy from The Transformational Arts College.  An interest in the healing arts opened to her a passionate discovery and series of studies in Ayurveda.

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