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Listen to this interview with Berdhanya Swami Tierra:

The Children of the New Earth

child with fishA 2 Part Interview with Council Director Satkiana Swan and Council founder Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

Who are “the New Earth Children” and how can we best support them?  Why is the mother’s role so important in her child’s education?  What role does our food have to play in the healthy development of these children?  As usual, Berdhanya answers these questions with profound wisdom and clarity and her answers bring us to an understanding that is grounded and simple to digest.


Part One

Part Two



Yoga Stories with Music – for children, parents, yoga teachers educators


confused toddler 3Enjoy listening to these fun & inspiring yoga stories with your children at home, in your yoga class during story time or in your school classroom. The narrator is Anamda Sly, Club Yoga teacher/trainer and the accompanist on piano is Paula Lin.

Credentials: Paula Lin has generously donated her time to support the Ottawa Child Council with her beautiful playing. She is a Taiwan-Canadian pianist residing in Canada since 1990.  A member of ORMTA, she teaches piano privately in Ottawa and enjoys accompanying instrumentalists as a collaborative artist.  Currently, she is undertaking the studies of MA at University of Ottawa as a researcher on piano pedagogy. It is her belief that listening to classical music makes significant impacts on the learning.

“The Real Cookie”

Adorable little blond kid relaxing in spa with having massageThe first story, “The Real Cookie” is about a boy called “Fared” who grew up to be a well-known Sufi saint. Farid’s mother introduces him to meditation with him sitting on a little mat in the backyard. This condensed version of the story comes from the “72 Stories of God, Good & Goods” by Yogi Bhajan.

Remarks on Solo Pieces

Madrigal    —— Mel. Bonis  (1858-1937)

Menuetto I in C major —– W. A. Mozart (1756-1791)

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“Mom, can my liver feel?”

aromachildThe second story was written by Berdhanya Swami Tierra for the Club Yoga Teacher Training Manual and is a conversation between a paralyzed mother and her four-year old daughter about the “liver” – how it feels all that is happening inside of you and in the sky. It can feel, think and talk to you about how wonderful the stars are and tell you deep stories of your heart.

Remarks on Solo pieces

*The Silent Moon  ——- Nancy Telfer  (1950- )

*The Song of Twilight —– Y. Nakada  (1923-2000)

*Andantino in A major —-J.W. Hassler  (1747-1822)

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“Samuel and the Trumpet” 

children having fun with ballsThis story was written by Erin Kuciak, Club Yoga teacher who wrote this story during her training with Club Yoga. It is a delightful story about a boy, named Samuel and his love for music – the trumpet. Samuel loved dancing while his Uncle played his trumpet and one day picked up the trumpet to give it a try…

Remarks on Solo Pieces

*Hornpipe in B flat major —- H. Purcell  (ca 1659-1695)

*Sonatina in C major op.36, no. 1 mvt. II ——- M. Clementi  (1752-1832)

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