Ayurvedic Bodywork and Consultations

You and your child deserve to regroup !!


wellness-285587__480We are proud to use the ancient science of Ayurveda. (Science of life) to strength your health and purify in a safe way.

Berdhanya brings together professionals from the natural sciences to bring wellness and balance into your life with ayurvedic treatments and consultations. The exercise of preventative medicine is based on the sciences of ayurveda and natural living. These professionals offer ayurvedic treatments, ayurvedic purification (panchakarma), the cultivation of beauty, naturopathic services, energetic bodywork, ayurvedic assessments, and a variety of beauty products, herbs and spices.


See our complete spa services and don’t delay: book your massage before you turn into the ” Monster parent/teacher.

We are a team of: an Ayurvedic doctor and Practitioners  to support  you and your family’s self-care naturally.