Children of Our Times: Robots or Humans

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Education for Children

Children’s education is in constant evolution. When parents or educators realize what our times are requesting from our children we need to contemplate a few things.

Society’s Standards

The emphasis of society to become more standard in our way of learning and interacting through technological tools diminishes, to a great extend, the opportunities for our children to develop and be secure in their own unique identity. Their own way of learning or developing new career fields that are not existing yet or just relating and expressing a different relationship with nature is a weak part of education.

New Ways of Learning, new ways of being.

The present avalanche of “new ways of learning” only puts the child into another modality, another test or another way that is divorced really, from nature and from the child’s innate instincts. We need to recognize the evolution of our present generation as a fresh opportunity to built a new human with different responses and different interests. How we manage the unknown factor or evolution is something that is handled through the awareness of each individual. Children naturally want to explore and learn and we on the other hand, want to operate under what we know.

Parents and Educators Expectations

As parents and educators, we so heartily want to “pass on” our experiences and vision of being happy and whole. We work hard for the child to follow our wishes and aspirations and we really do not see that at the end this is a cruel imposition over the child’s fresh opportunities to explore his experiences and identity. In the background, we wish that the child be formed according to the image of what we understand as happiness and success. We want the child to avoid our pains and we want them to follow the rules of what is best for them.

One thing is sure, we need to realize that society’s interest, at this point of evolution, is to standardize education, information and identities. The more we are numbers, easy to identify and easy to impose rules upon, the better. Education is presently like this and the subconscious of the parents are also like this.

Real Education of Children

Real education proposes an openness, balancing the children’s natural inclination to discover their identity and their world, and the parent and educator’s awareness and creative support.

The parent and educator must evolve so the spirit of learning, expression and integration of new education comes from the roots of naturalness, effortless and respect.

The other choice is to impose, to fit and to make our children fit a standard of being that blindly obeys the social fear, the opinion of others and to identify with the emptiness of social media.

by Berdhanya Swami Tierra


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