Date Milk

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Date milk is a sweet, warming and strengthening drink that soothes the nervous system and boosts iron.  It is excellent for “Fall Type” people, (see for a description of the “Vata” constitution).

“Fall Kid Types:” The Creative Free Spirits

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In Canada, September is the month where we trade-in our flip-flops and ice creams for alarm clock mornings and steady routines.  The days are shorter and the bed times are earlier.  Fall has arrived and many of our families are preparing their children to begin a new cycle of learning.  This change of season requests [...]

My Earth Body: A Guided Mindfulness Story for Children

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 by Anamda Sly Sat and Nam who are brother and sister have come to the “New Earth” from a far away planet, the “Rainbow Planet,” to experience what their ancestors lived many years ago. They have heard many stories of these adventures on the early Earth.