Red Clover – A Herb for Children

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By, Satkiana Shaw Several years ago I spent the summer living on an organic farm apprenticing with a Master Herbalist.  One of the great joys of my summer there were his herb walks.  Walking through fields or forest, our leader would stop and point out a plant to us.  He had a deep love for [...]

5 Types of Nourishment Your Child is Asking For

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By Berdhanya Swami Tierra  Children can be delightful when they eat or they can be fussy; either way it does not have to be a big concern for the parent. Each child has a style of eating food that is in accordance with their Ayurvedic constitution.  What we need to realize is that there are [...]

A Born Leader: Your Summer Kid-Type

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We all are born with a unique design.  We are made-up of the elements, fire, water, earth, air and space.  These elements animate our bodily functions, our mind and emotions.  They are at play in our roles and relationships.  Although we are made-up of all of the elements, there are usually a few that are [...]

Ice Pops for Children

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Making your own ice pops is a fun activity to do with your children and a simple way to add in some nutrition. Best of all is kicking up your feet after a hot day of sun and enjoying these refreshing treats.