Poem – To My Role As Father

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written by Shawn Roske To my role of father I wished to be, And she asked me what I wanted. “To play with my son,” I said, And I realized that this was key– fatherhood.

Yogi Pizza

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This pizza is wheat-free, yeast-free, sugar-free and tomato-free.  Tomatoes, being high in oxalic acid (a calcium inhibitor), are a particularly difficult member of the nightshade family of vegetables and are difficult for people to tolerate when eaten frequently.  Not only do they block calcium absorption, they cause heat and inflammation within the colon.  Mentally, this [...]

The Legacy of the Father

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  My father was an ever other weekend Dad.  He never owned a house, car or credit card.  He did not have a driver’s license, he had no clue about how to use power tools and was forever putting the video tapes upside down and backwards into the VCR.  He was not a practical man.  [...]