Cleaning the Biggest Drain in Your Body – the “Lymphatics”

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by Anamda Sly Spring is the key time to clean our drains in our body, the lymphatic system, that act like the drains in our home. They travel close to our blood and drain fluid from the blood vessels (like tap faucets). They pump lymph using smooth muscle and muscle contraction so moving the body [...]

Ayurvedic Child Care

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  By Dr. Shamna Prajith Children are the most beautiful blessing from God. A physically healthy and mentally sound child is also the biggest gift one could give to this world. They are the future of the nation, of society and of their family. It is very important that we give proper care to the [...]

Why have a Daily Practice for Children?

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by Berdhanya At all times we are in a process of being more present and authentic to our challenges, accomplishments and diverse experiences in our life.However, it is in childhood that we define the way we look at our reality and decide what skills we draw on to deal with the challenges of learning and [...]

Benefit of Cat/Cow Yoga Pose in children

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Children love doing this yoga pose as they imitate a cow and then the cat. Making the MOO and MEOW sound really is fun, especially for toddlers. Pre-kindergarten kids love to perfect the cat/cow pose and bring it into a story as they do yoga.