Golden Milk for each Ayurvedic Constitution

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by Berdhanya Swami Tierra Golden milk has been used in the Yogi tradition for centuries to strength the weak and to delight the kings. Golden milk is versatile, giving a variety of options for each constitution and for each occasion. You can use any milk of your preference and a combination of spices for your [...]

Stories, Games, Ayurvedic Tastes and Children

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  by Isabela Blanchet  Games and story telling offer great learning opportunities for children, without the label. Children love it because they create lively impressions in an atmosphere where they belong to something bigger than themselves with a sense of continuity. How often have you heard older family members tell stories about things they learned [...]

Play and the Daily Routine (3-6-year-old)

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  by Satkiana Shaw  At a Parent Night at my son’s Waldorf Kindergarten, I recall that a mother was exasperated, commenting that her son, an only child, always wanted her to play with him.  I could relate.  My son, also an only child, often posed the question, “Mummy, can you play with me?”

Children’s Play: The Effortless Essential Holistic Education

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by Yasmeen Osman I remember an old Cat Stevens’ song called ‘Where do the children play?’ and ponder those words. Children’s free play has been disappearing as play spaces do, time is filled with early instructional learning and organized activities and the virtual world replaces meaningful work as inspiration for imitative play. “In giving primacy [...]

Family Creativity: A Living Legacy

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by Charulata Prasada  I grew up in a family that valued and nurtured creativity. When my first child was born, I was committed to doing the same. I began to finger paint with my son before he could even stand or walk. Intuitively, I felt that the sensation of the paint, the movement of his [...]

3 C’s – Children Create Community

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    by Anamda Sly Have your noticed what children bring to the world, whether at school, home or at a community event? They naturally model community to us and in many ways. Many children share their natural innocence and creativity whether they are doing a yoga class, playing with friends or quietly coloring a [...]

Sunflower Seed Butter

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Adapted from a recipe by Angela Liddon I was finding it challenging to pack a school lunch for my 5 year-old picky eater…until I discovered sunflower seed butter.  I now can make a sandwich of sunflower seed butter and honey, or replace the honey with jam, and he loves it…and eats it!  Also, most schools [...]

Allowing Silence

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 by, Radhgemd Escandon When my son was a baby, I noticed that he would grow silent and stare off into space from time to time.  When he did, I used to pause whatever I was doing and sit quietly so I wouldn’t distract him.  To me, this silence and stillness was precious.  He was a [...]

The Early Years of Motherhood and the Energetic Womb

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  by Satkiana Shaw “Mother and child do not need to worry about contact until the child is eight years-old.  Energetically they are one and the same unit. If the child seems outside of her womb, it is just a deception of the mother’s senses.” – Berdhanya Swami Tierra When I think back to my [...]