Aura cleansing: Only for children?

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By Berdhanya The body is a collection of memories; it gathers information in every instant, not only from what we touch, see and hear but also from our relationships and internal tendencies. The aura or the electromagnetic field is a fluctuating combination of electricity, plasma and gravity. It can be overloaded by information we pick [...]

The Gift of Children’s Smiles – Our Best Teachers

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By Anamda Sly- Yoga teacher for Children. Flavors of Children’s Expression Have you noticed the many flavors of expression in children? They are passionate, innocent, happy and spontaneous as they embrace the present. Over time, however, they become more involved in the external world and begin to experience the “ego” of others and learn to [...]

Trusting the Evolution of your Child

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By, Satkiana My 5 year-old son and I embarked on an adventure to a local toboggan hill the other day. We had received two snow tubes for Christmas and were excited to try them out. I decided to take him to the Carlington, an old ski hill, which is now a sliding hill extraordinaire.  

Initiating the “Coming of Age” Ceremony

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By Isabela Blanchet- Owner of Face to Grace.   North Americans in general don’t tend to mark or celebrate changes of life cycles, except maybe for births and weddings. Other events are highlighted by mundane parties. In other parts of the world, coming of age ceremonies are imbued by tradition, meaning and symbolism. They are [...]