Natural Breath for your Children’s Health

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Breathing is key to your child’s health so proper breathing is a good foundation to develop in the early years of life. The practice of nasal breathing has been used for thousands of years.  People learned that their children caught fewer colds with nasal breathing.  There is a reason for this. It creates a stronger [...]

Getting to Know your Child’s Dosha

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AYURVEDA  holds the secret to keep your children happy and healthy. The philosophy of Ayurveda is based on a combination of the five elements in nature and in our bodies. Each child has a unique body type (kid-type) or dosha:

Little Quinoa Patties

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This super yummy recipe comes from They are truly quite delicous.  I added some sauteed veggies into the mix and my own combination of spices to add flavour.  These make a great protein rich snack for your kid’s lunch boxes.  Melt cheese on top and I’m sure your kids won’t be able to resist [...]