Third Chakra

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Manipura Chakra is located in the Solar Plexus, above your navel. It means the “City of Gems” with its function being power and action.  Issues of self- esteem, assertiveness will come up.  It is your “Fire” center and looks after digestion (liver, spleen, stomach, small intestine).  The gland associated with it is the pancreas. One can develop [...]

Sound – The Second Chakra

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The second chakra  (Swadhisthana – sweetness, dwelling place of the self) is located just below your pelvic area with the function of creativity, sexuality, shame and guilt.  The chakras show us our progress through life. With the lower chakras we explore our physical body, than our emotions and thirdly we develop an image of the world through our [...]

Sounds that Resonate with the Chakras

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Music and sound, good or bad, influence us and affect our energy system. Remember how we are made up of vibration and in the body there are different sounds connected with different frequencies of energy. Well within us are “chakras,” in Sanskrit, means wheel, spinning wheels of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. They are [...]

Part Two – Music and Yoga in Harmony

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Lets talk about living in harmony for a minute. In Ayurveda it means being in harmony with one’s own environment (internal and external) and this includes the balanced use of the senses. This can be a challenge just thinking of the hearing sense, as we are bombarded with all kinds of sounds – radio, TV, [...]

Music & Yoga in Harmony

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As a yoga teacher I have been inspired to bring music into yoga classes, more and more over the years. I have always loved music and the gift it brings to everyone. As a 10 year old I was totally transported to a joyous place when singing with a group of children during a summer [...]

Spring Yoga Asana Set – Having Fun in the Garden!

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Here is an easy yoga flow to do:   1. Baby pose – the fairy waking up in the garden.  Sit on your heals in a soft garden spot and bring your forehead to the ground and arms by your side. Relax in this position and breathe in and out deeply.  Continue for 3 minutes and feel [...]

Why Certify Yourself to be a Yoga Teacher for Children?

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Have you wanted to teach yoga to children and to feel that child like wonder in yourself again and be an active voice for generations to come? Teaching yoga to children is a unique personal experience and brings many benefits to both the teacher and the children. The training itself will transform you and seven [...]

Affirming Your Child’s Natural Identity – I Am, I Am, I Am

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Your child is a unique, perfect and beautiful manifestation of what he/she is.  This meditation reaffirms that sense of goodness and perfection with relaxation of  one’s psyque and inducing a subtle affirmation of our true nature. How to do it: Sit in easy pose with your spine straight. Bring your right hand to your right knee and [...]

Sa Ta Na Ma – A Balancing Meditation for Children

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Sa Ta Na Ma is a favorite of children.  It balances the 4-elements (see nutrition) and helps communication.  It clears out of your mind angry feelings about something that happened to you at school or at home or your hurt feelings about an event with your best friend. It is like giving your mind a [...]

Three “C”s – Children Create Community

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  Yoga means  “union,” to join together, to be in union with our selves and to be in community with others.  Children naturally model community to us and are already tuned up to yoga. Have you noticed how children do yoga poses spontaneously in whatever activity they are engaged in?  At the same time they [...]