Christmas Stress Free Tips for Families

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by Anamda Sly Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year with all kinds of shopping in busy malls with no parking, tired and crying children, not to mention frustrated parents. Enough to pull your hair out with this frenzied pace to prepare for the “happy holidays.” A few people are organized enough [...]

Aura cleansing: Only for children?

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By Berdhanya The body is a collection of memories; it gathers information in every instant, not only from what we touch, see and hear but also from our relationships and internal tendencies. The aura or the electromagnetic field is a fluctuating combination of electricity, plasma and gravity. It can be overloaded by information we pick [...]

Transformative Breath for children

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This is not a simple pranayama (breath exercise) just to calm the child. This breath, when adopted as a daily routine, impacts the formation of the brain, the immune system and the self-identity of the child. It is the best tool to give to a child to respond with equanimity in front of stress. This [...]

Natural Breath for your Children’s Health

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Breathing is key to your child’s health so proper breathing is a good foundation to develop in the early years of life. The practice of nasal breathing has been used for thousands of years.  People learned that their children caught fewer colds with nasal breathing.  There is a reason for this. It creates a stronger [...]

Sa Ta Na Ma – A Balancing Meditation for Children

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Sa Ta Na Ma is a favorite of children.  It balances the 4-elements (see nutrition) and helps communication.  It clears out of your mind angry feelings about something that happened to you at school or at home or your hurt feelings about an event with your best friend. It is like giving your mind a [...]