Do Not Be “Concerned About Your Children

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by Satkiana Shaw Do not be concerned about your children.  “What?,” you are likely thinking.  Well, let me tell you a story…  Recently, I received a phone call from my son’s Grade 1 teacher.  She informed me that his reading, writing and drawing skills were at a pre-kindergarten level.  I was “concerned.”

Herbal Dream Balm/Pillows

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 This soothing balm can be used before bed.  Anoint your temples with it and massage it into your neck and heart chakra.  Nighty night and sweet…or at least revealing…dreams!

The Impact of Family Legacy and The Choice to Divorce It

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by Satkiana Shaw A unique genealogy assignment: When I was in school studying Spiritual Psychotherapy, we were given a very interesting assignment.  We were asked to do a family genealogy study.  This exploration went much deeper than where people came from, what they did for a living, whom they married and the number of children [...]

Yummy Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins

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Soft, sweet, and made with just the right amount of pumpkin spice, these Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins are perfect on a chilly fall morning. These muffins are so easy to prepare and use real pumpkin puree to give them the real flavour. Top with cream cheese, butter, or even a drizzle of maple syrup for [...]

Keeping a Steady Beat

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Yesterday my son asked me, “Mommy, what has a steady beat?” I think that is a beautiful question to contemplate, as steady beats are soothing, reassuring and the foundational fabric of music.  In the same way, routines are an important foundational fabric for a child’s life that help guide and reassure children as to the [...]

Date Milk

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Date milk is a sweet, warming and strengthening drink that soothes the nervous system and boosts iron.  It is excellent for “Fall Type” people, (see for a description of the “Vata” constitution).

“Fall Kid Types:” The Creative Free Spirits

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In Canada, September is the month where we trade-in our flip-flops and ice creams for alarm clock mornings and steady routines.  The days are shorter and the bed times are earlier.  Fall has arrived and many of our families are preparing their children to begin a new cycle of learning.  This change of season requests [...]

My Earth Body: A Guided Mindfulness Story for Children

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 by Anamda Sly Sat and Nam who are brother and sister have come to the “New Earth” from a far away planet, the “Rainbow Planet,” to experience what their ancestors lived many years ago. They have heard many stories of these adventures on the early Earth.

Red Clover – A Herb for Children

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By, Satkiana Shaw Several years ago I spent the summer living on an organic farm apprenticing with a Master Herbalist.  One of the great joys of my summer there were his herb walks.  Walking through fields or forest, our leader would stop and point out a plant to us.  He had a deep love for [...]

5 Types of Nourishment Your Child is Asking For

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By Berdhanya Swami Tierra  Children can be delightful when they eat or they can be fussy; either way it does not have to be a big concern for the parent. Each child has a style of eating food that is in accordance with their Ayurvedic constitution.  What we need to realize is that there are [...]